B.C. election 2017: Vancouver-Fraserview riding

Suzanne Anton is the BC Liberal incumbent, having won in 2013 by 470 votes. She boosted the BC Liberal vote by 570 from 2009, while the NDP grew by 800, which wasn’t enough. The Conservatives took 650 votes in 2013. Anton has boosted her profile since the 2013 election, which should help her.

In 2009: Liberal Kash Heed won the riding over NDP candidate Garbiel Yiu by 748 votes, 49-45 per cent.

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History & Geography: A descendant of the old Vancouver South riding, Vancouver-Fraserview is the most southeast of the city’s 10 ridings. Its western border is Fraser Street, while its northern border is East 49th, 41st, or 45th Avenues depending on the location. This is a bellwether riding historically, as the party that holds this area has won the last 16 elections.


BC Liberals – Suzanne Anton: The Attorney General and Minister of Justice was a Vancouver city councillor from 2005 to 2011 and a park board commissioner from 2002 to 2005. She was the NPA’s mayoral candidate in the 2011 election, but lost to incumbent mayor Gregor Robertson. Prior to entering politics, Anton was a lawyer.

NDP – George Chow: A two-term Vancouver city councillor (Vision Vancouver 2005- 2011), Chow previously worked at BC Hydro for 30 years as a senior engineer. Chow sits on a number of volunteer boards and associations.

Greens – Eric Kolotyluk: An IT professional and environmental advocate.

Your Political Party of BC (YPP) – Harpreet S. Bajwa: The YPP is running nine candidates in 2017. Their “open platform” includes a Reddit-based online discussion, and a focus on “open government” and sustainability.

Libertarian – Hiroshi Hyde: The Libertarian party is running 30 candidates, four times as many as in 2013. They have been running candidates in B.C. since 1986, but have never come close to winning a seat.

2017 Stats: Vancouver-Fraserview

Population (2014): 62,885 (1st)
Population Deviation from Average: 18.4 per cent
Area: 13 sq km (80th)
Pop Density: 4,837.3 (7th)
Average Age: 41.6 years (42nd)
English as Second Language: 67.18 per cent (5th)

Top 3 Second Languages:
Cantonese – 18.74 per cent
Chinese, n.o.s. – 11.50 per cent
Panjabi (Punjabi) – 10.67 per cent

B.C. election map