B.C. election 2017: Victoria Beacon Hill riding

In 2013, Carole James easily won re-election 48 per cent to 33 per cent, but note the Green party actually finished second here (perhaps attributable to the fact that Green Party leader Jane Sterk was the candidate) with an impressive 34 per cent of the vote.

In 2009: Then-NDP leader Carole James won this riding over BC Liberal challenger Dallas Henault by more than 7,000 votes, 55-26 per cent.


History & Geography: Created in 1991 when Victoria was broken up from a two-member district into two smaller seats, Victoria-Beacon Hill consists of the southern half of the city south of Bay Street, which includes the downtown and legislature. Home to former Premier John Hart for 21 years, the riding has historically elected politicians of all parties, but has elected the NDP in eight of the last nine elections. The BC Liberals have strength in downtown and the Rockland neighbourhood; the NDP everywhere else.


BC Liberals – Karen Bill: A veteran political staffer in government, Bill has most recent served as an adviser to the Minister of Agriculture. She has spent 20 years working at the legislature, and ran in this riding in 2013.

NDP – Carole James: The caucus finance critic, James was the leader of the NDP from 2003 to 2011, before being forced to step down amidst a caucus revolt. Prior to provincial politics, she was a Victoria School Board trustee from 1990 to 2001, seven of those years as chair. She was also president of the BC School Trustees Association, and was the director of child care policy for the provincial government from 1999 to 2001.

Greens – Kalen Harris: Owner of Shatterbox Coffee in downtown Victoria, a business dedicated to “community building.” He has a political science degree from the University of Victoria.

Libertarian – Art Lowe: The Libertarian party is running 30 candidates, four times as many as in 2013. They have been running candidates in B.C. since 1986, but have never come close to winning a seat.

Independent – David Shebib: Described as a perennial political protester. In the 2014 Municipal elections, Shebib ran for mayor in all 13 capital region municipalities.

Independent – Jordan Reichert: Reichert ran federally for the Animal Protection Party in 2015.

2017 Stats: Victoria-Beacon Hill

Population (2014): 54,707 (57th)
Population Deviation from Average: 3 per cent
Area: 90 sq km (53rd)
Pop Density: 607.9 (35th)
Average Age: 43.3 years (30th)
English as Second Language: 14.64 per cent (52nd)

Top 3 Second Languages:
German – 1.44 per cent
Chinese, n.o.s. – 1.06 per cent
Spanish – 1.03 per cent