COMMENTARY: Leafs start flat and let Game 4 slip away – Hamilton

Argh, ugh, insane, unreal, OMG and a few other words and phrases that I can’t repeat in this space.

That’s just a small taste of the conversation between me and fellow CHML news anchor Paul Tipple during Wednesday night’s Leafs-Capitals Game 4 of their first-round NHL playoff series.

We’ve texted back and forth throughout this season as we both watch the highs and lows of the Maple Leafs.

And to be honest, we were both ready to pack it in after Washington built an impressive 4-1 lead heading into the first intermission.

Mike Babcock felt Leafs weren’t prepared in Game 4 loss

It was the first time since 1981  that Toronto had allowed four goals in the opening frame of a post-season game.

But much to our surprise, and delight, the Leafs pushed back again and made it interesting before ultimately losing to the Capitals 5-4.

Series tied 2-2.

But I loved the Leafs’ fight.

Texting between two Leafs fans can be comical at times.

Rick Zamperin/CHML


If you were to ask me if I’d be happy with a best of three scenario with the top-seeded Caps, I’d say heck ya.

And I know this is going to sound biased because I’m a Leafs fan, but I think they have a decent chance of taking out the Caps.

As desperate as the Capitals were in Game 4 they were still beatable.

Toronto Maple Leafs playoff beard tradition

Every game of this series has been decided by one goal and three of the four contests have needed sudden-death overtime.

There’s no reason to think Games 5, 6, and possibly 7,  won’t be just as close.

Hand me a coin, preferably a Canadian penny (if you still have one), because it may need to be flipped.

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